Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Auction of All Auctions: 1988 Gibson Momentos For Sale

Holy Mackerel!

Where you as shocked as I was when you read the story written by Tom Hoffarth, of the LA Daily News, yesterday. The most recent and cherished Dodger memory featuring a World Series title for the ages is about to be on the auction block later this month. Southern California Auctioneer, SCP, has been chosen to sell Kirk Gibson's entire 1988 treasure cache. There's his World Series trophy, his MVP award, and the uniform, bat and helmet he wore in Game 1. We all remember Game 1 don't we?

This kind of material is so incredible, so awe inspiring, that I can't believe it will really be available to the highest bidder.

Please! Please! Will some benevolent patron put this up for display for all of us to enjoy?

Below are some pics of the treasures of '88, and here is a link to a press release from SCP Auctions.
BTW, all of sale proceeds from the trophy and MVP award will benefit the Kirk Gibson Foundation.
This upcoming auction will also feature a whole bunch of other Baseball material- from a Pete Rose corked bat to a T206 Wagner.

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