Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 1/24/2012 - Bidders Edition

Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson being elected to the Hall of Fame. (pic via @Dodgers twitter)

Dodger Bidding News:
  • Forbes says that the minimum price is set at $1.5Billion.
    A person familiar with the bidding says that given the initial offers being reviewed by Blackstone, the team’s investment bank, owner Frank McCourt will be able set a minimum price of $1.5 billion for the next round.
  • Steve Dilbeck expands further, noting that cable companies are driving up the price. Leo Hinder, founder of the YES Network, is in on the bidding.
  • Bill Shaikin notes that the Dodgers received more than 10 bids on the opening day of bidding.
  • The Wall Street Journal puts together a brief report on the Dodger bidders.
  • Tony Jackson notes that there are only 2 confirmed bidders, so far. He also indicates that various groups may be joining forces.
  • CBS Sports also discusses bidders merging as one.
  • True Blue LA lays down the odds- derby style.
  • Santa Barabara Independent reports on the offer from Tom Barrack.
    Part-time Santa Barbaran Tom Barrack, billionaire owner of Michael Jackson’s former Neverland Ranch, is reportedly one of the top bidders for the L.A. Dodgers.
  • Tucson Citizen does a great review of several Dodger bidders and their qualifications.

Other News:

  • The Baseball Professor ask, where does Dee Gordon rank amongst SS?
  • Andre Ethier has some "unfinished business." via ESPN.
  • Check out some great pics from the Supercross Series race at Dodger Stadium last weekend, via Geico Honda.
  • High Heat Stats has a list of 50 of the most over-rated hitters in Baseball history. There are some Dodgers on this list, as well as many Hall of Famers.
  • The collector in me says kudos. Guy collects all 1,850 PlayStation 2 game, leaves them sealed, via Oddity Central.
  • Check out this 1860 painting of American boxer John Heenan painted right after a 42 round bare-knuckles fight, via The Telegraph.

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