Monday, September 13, 2010

More Hubenthal Cartoons

Last week I wrote a post (see it right here) featuring a handful of editorial sports cartoons created by LA Herald Examiner cartoonist Karl Hubenthal. Having passed away in 1998, we unfortunately don't have the pleasure of enjoying any new work anymore. I can only imagine what he would draw today considering the turmoil existing with the team and ownership. On the other hand, the wonder of the internet allows us to explore some of his pasts achievements. Below are a couple of Dodger related cartoons I found at ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. Click that website link to see even more.

Below is a two page spread ushering in the 1981 World Series with the Yankees.
(click the pic to enlarge)

This is for the Star Wars geek in all of us. Here, Hubenthal draws the 1980 All-Star game at Dodger Stadium as a match between the Empire vs. the Rebels. The National League had dominated the series by winning the last 21 of 23 games.
(click the pic to enlarge)