Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Here are a couple of videos featuring Manny in Albuquerque on the 'tubes. Below is a view from the left field line during his first at bat in tonight's game. Did some fans holler "Cheater" during the "Charge!" chant?

YouTube Link: DrAGON0485:

KRQE reports at the game as Van Tate interviews Isotopes President Ken Young.

YouTube Link: KRQE:

UPDATE: Also, check out Diamond's video of Manny arriving at the stadium here.

Luc Robitaille Elected to the Hall of Fame

Congratulations! Luc Robitaille has been elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Video Link: KingsVision:

UPDATE: From Inside the Kings:
I asked Robitaille to re-tell one of my favorite hockey stories, which is about the day he got drafted in 1984 at the Montreal Forum, in the ninth round, after he sat in the stands all day waiting for his name to be called.

``I had one hot dog every hour,'' Robitaille said with a laugh. ``I think I ended up eating six hot dogs. That was the year, if you remember, that Mario (Lemieux) said he wasn't signing with the Penguins. We got to draft day, a Saturday, and it was a big deal because they called Mario's name and he didn't go to the draft table or anything. There was a delay, and it was like Pittsburgh didn't know what to do and the league didn't know what to do. So I sat and waited. It was 7 o'clock at night and I was still waiting in the Forum, up in the white seats. When I heard my name, I ran downstairs. The security guy, he didn't want to let me on the floor, but I told him that I just got drafted.

``I got to the Kings' table and there were just a couple guys left there. Rogie (Vachon) was there and (former assistant GM) John Wolf was there and a couple scouts. They had me write down my name and address on a card. When we got to August, and I hadn't heard anything from them, I was afraid that I wrote down the wrong address. So anyway, I met those guys at the table, and I met John Wolf and he said, `We don't really have anything to give you, but here,' and he gave me the Kings pin off his jacket. I took the subway home and I was just so excited.''

Legendary Auctions: Brooklyn Photos

Legendary Auctions has a great lot of 53 Brooklyn Dodger photos up for auction from the archives of Sport Magazine. It's a nice treasure trove of vintage pics to be had all at once. Below are only a handful of photos from the lot.
Alston on the phone and then with the bat.
Cake for the Duke from is adoring fans.
Snider is being congratulated by the team and home fans as he heads towards the dugout. Is there any doubt that he just belted a homer?
Here is a pic of Don Newcombe delivering a pitch.
Dog pile at home. I wonder what started this fight.
Another brawl. Is that Don Drysdale ready to throw a right cross.
Team owner Walter O'Malley holds the ball for the Brooklyn Bum.