Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Legendary Auctions: Brooklyn Photos

Legendary Auctions has a great lot of 53 Brooklyn Dodger photos up for auction from the archives of Sport Magazine. It's a nice treasure trove of vintage pics to be had all at once. Below are only a handful of photos from the lot.
Alston on the phone and then with the bat.
Cake for the Duke from is adoring fans.
Snider is being congratulated by the team and home fans as he heads towards the dugout. Is there any doubt that he just belted a homer?
Here is a pic of Don Newcombe delivering a pitch.
Dog pile at home. I wonder what started this fight.
Another brawl. Is that Don Drysdale ready to throw a right cross.
Team owner Walter O'Malley holds the ball for the Brooklyn Bum.


  1. I believe the clown in the picture with Walter O'Malley is Emmett Kelly as Weary Willy the tramp clown. Emmett Kelly was the most famous clown his era.

    According to this site


    Emmett Kelly took the year 1956 off from the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus to work as a mascot for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

  2. There has been some awesome pictures and content put up recently. Great job! Sorry I can't help with the baseball card trading.


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