Monday, June 22, 2009

Lelands: Dodger Pics

Here are some great Dodger pics from Leland's recently closed auction.

Below is Jackie Robinson stealing home . A group of 3 photos sold for $487.17.

Jackie with the pig skin. A group of 2 pics sold for $100.00.

Here is an aerial view of the very first Dodger game at the coliseum versus the Giants on April 21, 1958. It sold for $100.00.

Dodger outfielder Pete Reiser is being loaded into an ambulance after he crashed into the Ebbets field wall on June 15, 1947. It went unsold. From Wikipedia:

His splendid career would have lasted longer if not for his all-out, devil-may-care style of play, which caused him to receive several serious injuries. He regularly crashed into outfield walls, then not padded, in pursuit of fly balls.

He fractured his skull running into the outfield wall on one occasion (but still made the throw back to the infield), was temporarily paralyzed on another and was taken off the field on a stretcher many times. On one occasion Pete was given his Last Rites in the ballpark. As a rookie in 1941, he won the National League batting title while the Dodgers took home the pennant. The following year, he was hitting .380 until he ran into the concrete outfield wall while running at full speed. That incident robbed him of any more effective play that year, and caused Brooklyn's painful drop in the NL standings.

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