Thursday, March 21, 2013

Congrats Aaron Roberts - You're in the FanCave!

I wanted to extend a Blue Heaven congratulations to Aaron Roberts for being chosen to be one of the final 9 participants in the 2013 MLB FanCave. 
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I expect that you'll represent us as best you can.  In fact, you better give it your all! 

Check out a recent interview I had with Aaron, or is it Tom, Roberts last month, here.  In it, he makes a promise that I absolutely expect him to keep.
Here is an extra question for you.  Will you promise to wear the Dodger cape in cave, if you were to make it, as often as possible (meaning, all of the time)?

ABSOLUTELY! Not only am I a Baseball fanatic, I'm also a huge Comic Book Nerd. The Cape is an integral part of my video, campaign, and me. Wearing a cape is right up my alley!
Check out the other participants below.  Go to the MLB FanCave here.
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