Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Dodger Stadium Could Have Looked Like

In anticipation of the Grand Re-Opening of Dodger Stadium, I though it would be fun (if not interesting) to take a brief look at what the Dodgers home could have looked like.  Thanks to a recent post on reddit I was reminded of Hershiser's bid to buy the team and his grand plan to remake Dodger Stadium into a technological playground.

As I'm sure you'll be saying to yourself soon, thank goodness the Guggenheim folks bought the team because this vision would have made us all blind.

The above renderings were produced by Lynx Architecture.  They state that they were:
commissioned to design a new state-of-the art upgraded version of the stadium, complete with an iconic electronic big screen TV. The new design includes the addition of double-deck seating above the right field, structure parking near the field, a grand accessible walkway circling the stadium, a new restaurant, as well as cultural, themed, and entertainment venues.
As you'll recall, Orel Hershiser came to the table with South Korean electronics giant LG as a partner.  Per Bill Shaikin's report from March of last year:
The core concept is to turn Dodger Stadium into a "futuristic electronic showcase" to enhance fan enjoyment, particularly in this era of mobile technology, according to a press release issued Friday. Yet some elements of the rendering appear jarring -- a double-deck pavilion in right field, demolition of the reserve deck down the left-field line, and an overall view beyond the outfield wall that closely resembles the cavernous home of the Texas Rangers.
Many fans disliked these conceptual drawings, unsurprisingly.  Hershiser added in retort:
"We just want to give people a dream of what could happen," he said. "You can't tell the story without a picture. The idea is to show people all the elements that are possible and not to say, 'This is it.' "
Clearly, he was absolutely right about trying to appeal to a new world filled with new media, technology and instant communication, but wrong on implementation.  I think the recent photos shared by the current Dodgers ownership of the renovations tells us that they are taking those steps in the right direction.  They are focused on the beauty and majesty that is Dodger Stadium while making necessary improvement in aesthetics and amenities.  Check out some of those photos below that the @Dodgers tweeted.

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