Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Blog Kiosk: 1/30/2019 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

Just one more win.

Featured above is an AP wirephoto showing an overjoyed Clem Labine (eBay Auction Link). Per the description on the reverse:
Clem Labine, Brooklyn's relief artist, leaps for joy as catcher Roy Campanella and first baseman Gil Hodges rush to congratulate hm at the of Sunday's fifth game of (1955) World Series. Labine, fourth game winner, recued Roger Craig in Sunday's game. Dodgers won, 5-3, to take series edge three games to two.
Below are more links to check out:
"We feel blessed and we want to give back to people that might need a little loving and are going through tough times," said Turner.
"We work with veterans and we work with kids in hospitals, we visit them and try to give them positive experiences when they are going through a tough time," said Turner. "We sent kids to Disneyland that had to spend Christmas Day in the hospital, and that's not supposed to happen. It's because of this event that we have the means to do that."
This morning I was sitting in Southbrook Church in suburban Milwaukee. The speaker was AJ Ellis, longtime Dodger and most recently a Padre. Very impressive and humble guy. He lives in Franklin WI in the offseason and this is his home church. He was entertaining and inspiring. Also told the story of his 3rd child being born in the front seat of the car as he speeds down I-43 still 15 min from the hospital. He said that he got a phone call 6 weeks ago from a team that would be "very easy logistically"! (Since I know it was not the Dodgers, I hoped it was the Brewers. I asked him afterward and he said it was the Cardinals.) But the call "gave [him] no joy". After talking to his wife, he has decided to retire. Good luck in retirement, AJ! I hope to see you coaching very soon!
“It’s all about health,” the gentle giant told reporters during the Dodgers annual FanFest event at Dodger Stadium on Saturday. “I’ve lost 25 pounds. Health is everything.”
“Anytime you’re talking about the heart and irregular heartbeat, you’ve got to be very careful with it,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said at the time. “You’re talking about altitude. That’s why we want to be proactive and get him back [to Los Angeles].”

Asked how he lost the 25 pounds, Jansen said that he began eating healthier and working out more. Asked specifically what he had cut out in his diet to help him lose that much weight, he gave the answer that we all pretty much knew he would, an answer that caused a number of the gathered media to look down at their own waistlines.

“Sugar … ice cream. It was tough, man, I love ice cream,” he answered.

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