Sunday, May 02, 2010

Blog Kiosk: 5/2/2010

It's way to early to worry about the Dodgers.
  • With the Kings season over all there is left to do is gaze at pictures of the LA Kings Ice Girls, via Sports Illustrated.
  • Check out this brilliant post featuring a modified Peanuts cartoon strip and the Dodgers, via It's Time for Dodger Baseblog. Awesome, just awesome!
  • Remember Matt White? He was the former Dodger pitcher who's land was valued at $2 billion. Well, that value appears to be a bit overblown; nevertheless, he has been making a good living. On top of that, his dream of Baseball success has yet to disappear. Read more about it here.
  • Check it out. Baseball-Reference is now doing cards- a Card of the Week, that is.
  • You have to take a look at Ben's (from It's Time for Dodgers Baseblog) photos from opening day. They are very good!
  • Check our Auction Recollections from Sports Pickle as they catch up with a Baseball card photographer for some stories. Very funny stuff. On Don Moss:
    "But his left eye still lingered in my direction, suspicious. Scared. Lazy. But I got my one shot, Don got through it all okay -- his coaches calmed him with a carrot and an apple -- and it resulted in what I think is one of my finest portraits."
  • Adding insult to injury, Upper Deck loses their football license, as Topps regains theirs after a very short hiatus.

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