Saturday, May 01, 2010

Weed.... Really?

Well, I guess it's official. Lambo likes the wacky weed. From It's Time for Dodger Baseblog:
That substance according to Josh Suchon… Marijuana. The Dodgers official statement is - “The Dodgers are disappointed to learn of this news and we fully support Major League Baseball’s drug policy and its penalties. The organization does not condone the use of any substance not sanctioned by MLB’s medical staff.” But added “Off the record? C’mon it’s just marijuana, that stuff is basically legal like… everywhere.. COME ON!!”
I guess I have to agree, on the other hand, Lambo is an idiot. According to the rules you are not suspended for a first offense for violating the "drug of abuse" portion of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. It is a second offense that gives you the suspension. So, he failed once and knew he would be tested again. Yet, he still failed to keep his lungs clean. Regardless of your view of today's marijuana laws you have to lay all of the blame on Lambo. If he was serious about a future Baseball career he had to know that he needed to stay off the pot. Yet, he didn't.

UPDATE: The one question I have, though, is when will The Left Field Pavilion make photoshop photo?

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