Friday, May 21, 2010

Anyone Want Oswalt?

Via MLB Trade Rumors, Houston Astros ace Roy Oswalt has asked for a trade. I think he might look pretty good in Blue. Unfortunately, they will probably be asking for too much. On the other hand, he may be cheaper (tradewise) than Cliff Lee. Oswalt is under contract till 2011 at $15Million this year and $16Million next year. Lee is working on a $8Million contract this year and then becomes a free agent.

Who would you give up, if anybody, to get him? Likely, Ethan Martin, Chris Withrow or James McDonald would have to go in a trade- maybe even two of them.


  1. Oswalt is on the downside of his career, no way I want him at all.

    Especially not at the price Colletti would give up for him.

  2. ya know, if this was the beginning of the season I would agree with you, but so far this season he has been pretty good. He's starting to look like the Oswalt of old.

  3. Just looked at the numbers, better than I thought, but I'm still not giving up two top prospects for a 33-year-old.

  4. All 3! This team has needed an Ace the past 2 years, being a legit WS contender for the next two is worth it IMO. Blew it by not getting Lee, he's going to want big money in the off-season. Also keep in mind a pitcher he drops off on a sucky team will usually return to form once on a contender.


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