Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blog Kiosk: 4/20/2016 - Dodgers Links - De Leon, Puig and Kenley Met Shaq

Holy Moly!  Look at all those boxes.

Jose De Leon, a Dodgers top pitching prospect, shared a pic on Twitter last night about that evenings activities.
Fun night signing some @BowmanCards @toppscards while laughing nonstop watching @BabyDaddyTV #Productivity
I've never seen "Baby Daddy", but I do recognize a hand-cramp when I see it.  As you can see, De Leon is in the midst of signing a whole bunch of Bowman Baseball cards for Topps.  There are at least seven 800 count boxes of cards and that translates a whole lot of cardboard.  I hope he didn't do them all 'cause he won't be able to pitch for weeks if he did.

As for yesterdays Dodgers game, it was a stinker.  They got walloped by the bottom dwelling Braves 8-1.  The team gave up three errors, and it certainly not an impressive outing for Alex Wood. Via Mark Bowman and Jon Cooper at
"A lot of them came out swinging early, especially in the first inning. It surprised me a little bit on some of them," said Wood. "[Nick] Markakis, Freddie [Freeman], those guys have started swinging a lot earlier in the count. I had to adjust. But with my fastball command what it was, it was kind of tough to battle between the aggressive hacks and not being able to throw it where I wanted to."
Below are more links to check out:
Hernandez’s value essentially comes down to a pair of key components: his ability to play all across the diamond, and his ability to absolutely crush left-handed pitching.
Manager Dave Roberts said there haven’t been any internal discussions about moving Stripling to the bullpen at some point to preserve his innings. The Dodgers have time; Wednesday marks only his third start of the season. But when the time comes, Roberts won’t dismiss the idea.

“He’s shown he can get big league hitters out,” Roberts said. “It’s a way to temper the innings and keep him around long. That’s worthy of discussion.”
There were no secrets. Establish a routine, Utley told Puig. Be accountable. Be prepared every day. “Get here on time and do the things that are necessary to be a good teammate,” Puig summarized. “Work hard to get the job done.”
  • Via Doug Padilla at ESPN, "Kenley Jansen meets childhood idol Shaq; scratches item off bucket list."
"He was my favorite player growing up as a kid and that was my dream to meet Shaq so I got that chance," Jansen said. "I will always remember it."
Ayau, born January 31, 1894, in Maui, Hawaii, played on the Chinese University of Hawaii team that toured the US in 1913, 14 and 15.  He was said to have caught the eye many in professional baseball including New York Giants manager John McGraw.

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