Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dodgers Win - Magic Number is now 29

We are now at that point of the season where we can seriously start counting down the Magic Number. 

With just 36 games remaining for the Dodgers in the regular season, the Dodgers need a combination of 29 Dodger wins and Diamondback losses to win the division.

Oh Boy, that means that we are an Adrian Beltre away from going to the playoffs.

And here's a special note.  Today's game is in the afternoon.  So it starts at 9:40 AM in California.

BTW, with last nights win the Dodgers entered into a three-way tie for the second best record in Major League Baseball. 


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  1. What you've done to that Wallach jersey borders on sacrilege.

    1. Hey Now!

      To me, #29 will always be Beltre's number. So, I think he's got a bigger beef.

      Although, I think he'd be more mad if I patted him on top of the head.


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