Friday, August 19, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 8/19/2011

Thank you Miss Rossi for being True Blue. (Pic via twitpic@thebrettrossi)
  • Check out the first class of the ESPN Los Angeles Hall of Fame, here.
  • Sinatra family, as a season ticket holder, seeks to be represented in the Dodger BK, via Bloomberg.
  • LFP always finds a way to make pictures out of words. This one hits it right on the head.
  • Has anyone seen this yet? Former Dodger Jerry Reuss has a bunch of photos up on flickr. Check them out here.
  • With the season quickly coming to a close Topps starts to focus on their 2012 card offerings by unveiling their design for next years base set. See it below.
  • Foul Bunt shares some of his photos of World Series pins taken during his trip to Cooperstown.
  • What's better than finding out that the Angels have a oxygen tank in their clubhouse? Finding out that Torii Hunter got trapped in it. Via Deadspin.
  • Us geeky collectors strive to be hip, via Cardboard Junkie.


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