Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Last Look at the National

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the National Sports Collectors Convention this year, and probably won't be able to attend one in the future unless it comes back out west. Fortunately, the wonder of the internet allows me to enjoy the show like I was there. Still, most of what I had seen in photos so far was lacking. Sure, I liked seeing some of the give-aways and modern cards available in Chicago, but how about the vintage stuff. Does anyone have pics of the really old stuff?

Yes, after a couple of weeks those photos are starting to crop up and they truly show why the National is a must for serious collectors and sports history buffs.

First, check out this story from Bill Simmons as he puts together a nice 16 part photo gallery essay about the show, here. I suggest taking a look at all 16 pages.

Then, you have to check out Carlton Hendricks of Sports for his spread of 444 photos focused primarily on sports memorabilia from the National. Go here now. You won't regret it. To wet your whistle check out a couple of photos below.The above press photos come from the Sporting News Archives collection. Below is a case filled with the kind of stuff I like to see. Here are some late 19th century/ early 20th century Baseball artifacts. I believe on the top left are some postcards made of leather (circa 1910's) and on the bottom left are some 1880's Victorian Baseball themed trade cards. Of special note are the very scarce Sporting News issue with the yellow bottoms. I really love those cards and regret not buying a large lot of them several years ago in a Lew Lipset Auction.

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