Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dodger Days of Our Lives

If you've been reading the chattering classes then you've undoubtedly come across the recent hubbub about the unruly and immature attitude of Cuban slugger Yasiel Puig.  Heck, you couldn't follow anything on twitter that was Dodger related the past couple of days without being bombarded by this.

Puig moralizing was everywhere.

Puig was branded with every negative adjective you could think of.  He was disrespectful, immature, emotional and rude.

And now that he has been benched for this evenings game, much of the media appears to believe that the Dodgers are sending him a message.  But, are they really?

Or is this just another day of the world turning for the young and restless?  After all, they've got one life to live and the bold and beautiful are searching for a better tomorrow.

Here's a brief timeline of todays hot soap opera style gossip.

Puig is Late!  Puig is Late!

Oh Oh!  Time for a spanking.

Spanking completed.  That'll show him who's boss. 

It's getting serious now!

Wait, Wha?  Hasn't he gotten the message?

There ya go.

Will it be enough to knock some sense into him?

For the purposes of this soap opera and the future bylines of the travelling press corps, I hope not.  This perceived train-wreck is too salacious and sexy to allow a little bit of reason to get in the way.

UPDATE:  I guess I should add that Puig is staying with relatives in the Miami and headed for the ballpark a little late.  Then, he got stuck in traffic.  

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