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2016 Topps Tribute - The Dodgers Milestone Relics and Stamp of Approval Cards

Over the past week I've shared pics of most of the Dodger cards found in packs of 2016 Topps Tribute, but held off on the ones below. 

Why, you ask?

Well, as you can see, each of these cards include a game-used relic piece and an MLB Authentication sticker attached.  What this means is that each specific card and it's game-used material can be traced to a specific game.  So, I though it would be interesting to take a closer look at them.  Featured are the "Milestone Relics" and "Stamp of Approval" relic cards.


These cards are numbered to only ten copies, and no parallels exist.  Also, two Dodger players are available: Clayton Kershaw and Corey Seager.  Unfortunately, I can't quite make out the reference number on the Kershaw card below, but I do know that the relic pieces is of a game-used Baseball retrieved from Kershaw's 100th win in the Major Leagues.  In fact, it says as much on the bottom right of the card.  It says:
"Kershaw, Just 27, Wins 100th"
On a side note, an autographed "1 of 1" card does exist, but has yet to surface.  BTW, Kershaw won his 100th game on May 15, 2015 against the Colorado Rockies at Dodger Stadium.  Go here for the boxscore.

#MR-CKE Clayton Kershaw

The Corey Seager card below also uses a game-used Baseball.  The MLB Authentication ref# JB 320225 refers to a game played on September 12, 2015, and it was used during an Andre Ethier at-bat.  What makes this game ball important to Seager is that he hit his first Major League home run at this game.  On the bottom right of the card it says:
Corey's Story: 1st HR & Much More
I'm not quite sure what the term "Much More" refers to, so if you happen to know please pass that along.  Check out a boxscore of the game here.

#MR-CSE Corey Seager


These next cards are called "Stamp of Approval" and they also include a game-used relic piece with an attached MLB Authentication sticker.  Unlike the "Milestone Relic" cards above, though, these cards are far more plentiful.  Normal base cards are numbered to 199 copies and there are numerous parallels included.  Furthermore, it is likely that all the cards of a particular player do not highlight the same event.  Nevertheless, I decided to take a look at one example of each Dodger player available.

#SOA-CS Corey Seager

The Seager card below (ref #:  JB 318753) uses a game-used piece from Seager's jersey from the AFL (Arizona Fall League) All-Star Game played on 11/2/2013.     

#SOA-JP Joc Pederson

The Pederson card below (ref#: JB 308121) uses a game-used jersey piece used by Pederson in a game against the Braves on 5/25/2015.  On this day he recorded three hits (a double and two singles) while batting at the top of the order. 

#SOA-KJ Kenley Jansen

On the Jansen card below (ref#: JB 317219) it uses a game-used jersey piece used during his season debut on 5/15/2015 against the Colorado Rockies.  As you'll recall, Jansen started the season on the DL due to surgery over the winter to remove a growth from a bone in his left foot.  He came in to pitch in the eight inning, and recorded four strike outs in one inning of work - due to a passed ball strike out to the first batter.  At the time, the Dodgers were leading the Rockies, 6-4, and eventually won by that same score.  On a side note, Clayton Kershaw was the Dodgers starting pitcher that evening and he ended up recording his 100th career win in the Majors. 

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