Friday, November 02, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 11/2/2012 - McGwire the Dodgers New Batting Coach?

Check out Matt Kemp in the pic above working hard during the off-season to get ready for 2013, pic via twitter @FoxSportsWest.
"This was basically our home for a decade," said Cey, adding to the nostalgia by wearing a jacket with Dodgers script across the front and marking the record-breaking infield on the back. "There was plenty of celebration in this clubhouse." 
Mark McGwire, who has served as Cardinals hitting coach for three seasons under two managers, has informed the club that he intends to accept a similar position with the Los Angeles Dodgers, sources familiar with the situation told the Post-Dispatch this afternoon.

Though a deal between the Dodgers and McGwire is not considered final, McGwire has told the Cardinals that he does not anticipate accepting their offer of a contract extension.

The club last week tendered offers to all coaches except bullpen coach Dyar Miller. The staff's contracts exprired Oct. 31.

McGwire is leaning toward accepting the position with Dodgers manager Don Mattingly's staff because of geography. McGwire and his family live in Orange County and McGwire has long emphasized the role his wife and children play in career decisions.
My Kings season ticket buddy's former boss lives near McGwire's family, and was fortunate to have McGwire provide some neighborly coaching help to his college age son.  From my understanding, Mark McGwire knows what he's doing.

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1 comment:

  1. say it aint so !

    one of the biggest cheater, deniers, stonewallers ever - coaching for the Dodgers!!!???

    Yes, lots of guys cheated back then. that doesn't excuse him. he conveniently fessed up just in time to get a job with the cardinals.

    when they introduce him at Dodger Stadium and you hear one guy booing - that would be me.


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