Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Sharefest Honored Clayton and Ellen Kershaw on Saturday - Watch a Video

Sharefest celebrated their 10th Anniversary this past weekend with a gala event that featured Clayton and Ellen Kershaw as Honorary Chairs.  This group is a community driven organization that focuses on mentoring, volunteerism and establishing relationships with community leaders.
With a vision to create an imprint of lasting positive change in our community, Sharefest began as a simple idea to leverage a community’s assets through the creation of working coalitions, growing local leaders, equipping interested youth and fostering volunteerism utilizing established community organizations. Rather than just coming in from the outside and encourage a community to be a consumer of services, Sharefest collaborates with communities to help themselves, developing ownership.
Thankfully a reader (Thanks, Cathy!) was able to pass along some photos and video that you can see below.

Saturday's dinner exceeded their fundraising goal of $250,000.00 by $5,000.00.  So, in addition to being a great time, they also gained some needed funds to continue their mission.  BTW, Kershaw's Challenge chose Sharefest as one of the charities that they support.  In fact they
Set a goal to expand Sharefest’s Youth Development Academy (YDA) to another continuation high school.
Clayton and Ellen Kershaw visited a Sharefest YDA at Cal State Dominguez Hills earlier this year in order to provide kids with Baseball and life advice.  Watch a video of that event here.

Below are some photos from Saturday's dinner.  Go to the Sharefest website to learn about this great organization.

Here is Steve Lyons with Michael Haupt.  I don't care what anyone says, I like Steve Lyons.

Below is Ellen Kershaw (on the right) with a young lady who sang at the dinner.  Unfortunately, I do not have her name.

Clayton Kershaw works the crowd below.

Watch Clayton and Ellen Kershaw speak to the gathered crowd at the Sharefest Dinner this past Saturday, below.

Video Link:

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