Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball - Dodgers Cards

Topps just released a new Baseball card set earlier this week and it is called 2012 Bowman Sterling.  It is a set that focus' on prospects and rookies, so by consequence it is very light on Dodgers players.  In fact, I could only find two Dodgers in the entire set- Corey Seager and Jesmuel Valantin (both are 2012 Dodger draft picks).

There are no Dodgers in the base sets, but both Dodger farmhands do have autographed cards inserted into packs.  Unfortunately, it appears that Corey Seager didn't sign his cards in time, so redemption cards can only be found.  See the Jesmuel Valentin autographed prospect card below. A Seager version exist, as well.

#BSAP-JV Jesmuel Valentin

There is also a dual autographed card featuring both Valentin and Seager, and for some strange reason these cards are inserted into packs.  These appear to be sticker autographs rather than the "on-card" autographs like the one above.

#DA-SV Jesmuel Valentin / Corey Seager

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