Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Let There Be Baseball

I park my car on the curb right in front of where I live. This is a rare occurrence on this street. The block is filled with small apartments and homes that sometimes overflows with people and cars. On this Monday afternoon after work the street was surprisingly empty.

Did I miss something? Is there something going on that I should know about?

nay!... It's just stupid luck. Within the hour the street was packed with cars and parking spots where scarce.

Anyway, I walk up to my place and find that my roommate put today's' mail on the dining room table. I shuffle through the advertisements and coupons, toss the Pennysaver aside for later reading and come across a postcard from my friend, Michael. Cool! He always finds a way to make me laugh about the world. Usually Mike sends politically themed postcards that he would make from scratch, but, from time to time, I get something that is unrelated to the "real world". On this day I get to celebrate Baseball.

Above is a scan of the postcard I just received. On the back he writes:
"And on the 8th day God spoke and he doth said, "Let there be Baseball," and there was. And he saw it was good. So he cracked open a beer and feasted on many a hot dog. And God was happy. For humans had realized their ultimate purpose- entertainment for the Lord."
Mike- You So Funny.


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