Tuesday, December 12, 2006

OT: Don't Buy a Dell

I've been wanting to go on a little diatribe about Dell and their customer service. Dell sucks. Their computers suck and their customer service sucks.

Our head researcher at my day job has been struggling with Dell for well over a month now- almost 3 months, if I'm not mistaken. I've had my own problems with the Dell computers we got at work earlier this year.

It was finally determined that the computer we received had some internal hardware issues and requires a full replacement. A new computer was suppose to be shipped last week. We where even given a shipping number and told it would arrive in 7 days. Of course, it never arrived.

Upon checking on its whereabouts, we find that the shipping number we where given is a fake number. Also, customer service reports that their notes indicate we where having problems with a printer and not a computer. (We do not have a Dell printer in the office.) Furthermore, there is NO notation that anything was to be replaced at all. It is as if Dell representatives willfully lied.

They lied about sending a replacement computer- even going as far as providing a fake shipping number. They lied in their own internal notes.

Their lies have caused us to rethink our future purchases. We recently cancelled our order for a new server from Dell and plan an aggressive, yet light-hearted, campaign against Dell with all of our clients. We will make sure everyone we know understands how terrible that company is.

Dell willfully and purposfully lies to their own customers.


Okay, I feel better now.

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