Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Quick Mastro Post: Dodger Pranks

I just came across Mastro's upcoming auction and took a quick look at some of the items that will be available. Once again, it's as impressive as ever.

One item really sticks out for me. They are auctioning a collection of 20 photographs highlighting the Dodgers Tour of Japan after their 1955 World Series win over the Yankees. It looks like it comes from someones personal collection. As you can imagine, this lot consist of the usual fare- players getting off the plane, players in the plane, some hula dancing while in Hawaii, O'Malley bonding with employees and players, etc. What I didn't expect to see was a photograph of a prank played on a unsuspecting person.
I remember while in college going to parties where this was a favorite pastime. Whoever passed out first would be sure to wake up with permanent ink markings all over their face. Heck, I admit to participating in this from time to time- and frankly, I don't feel bad at all. Afterall, my lack of regret has to do with the fact that I have been the unwitting victim of this kind of prank.

One Saturday afternoon, I woke up after a long evening of drunken debauchery. I slowly strolled to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I almost screamed. Little cartoons and phrases I had never heard before graced my face. It was the most horrifying event I had ever faced in my young life. Man-O-Live, was I embarrassed. On top of that it took forever to get that ink off. The funniest thing, though is I still have friends who will bring up that evening with much glee.

Anyway, I started staring at the picture above and wondered, "who is that guy in the photo?" Mastro's description only states, "and one unfortunate player who, in his peaceful sleep, fell victim to the face-painting abilities of his Dodger teammates."

Which player does that guy look like? Let me know if you have any answers.

A part of me thinks he looks just like Vin Scully. Am I wrong here?

UPDATE: The photos is actually from the 1956 Dodgers Tour of Japan. Also, since there is a resurgence of hits for this post due to my tweet today, I thought I would find and link up to the original auction - which I have just found.  Check it out here.  There's pics of hula-hoop ladies and more Dodgers sleeping.

I remember bidding on this, but now that I'm reminded what it sold for I'm kicking myself in the arse.  The $145 price tag seems cheap now.  What was I thinking?

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