Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feeling Bad for Loney

What more does this guy have to do. He is ready for the big show. Unfortunately, the Dodgers are not ready to keep him in Los Angeles. There are roadblocks everywhere. No room at 1st-base and the outfield is looking crowded. Usually this is a good problem, but I fear that Loney's patience may start to wear thin.
"I came here to work hard to help the team win and I can't do that in Las Vegas," he said.
This is the second day in a row he has made some disconcerting remarks. Grady Little adds the following.
"We have to consider the number of at-bats we'd get James," Little said. "We don't want to slow him down and have him go backward and then something happens here and he has to jump in. He needs to be ready."
At the end of the day, it is my belief that the aging veterans on the team will need intermittent rest throughout the season- if not replacement due to injury. In a long Baseball season it is bound to happen. So, even if Loney is sent to Las Vegas now, I expect he will end the season with more at-bats then in 2006. I just hope James understands the plan.

In agreeance with SoSG, if Colletti trades Loney, or even welcomes the thought of it, I will go crazy.

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