Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mastro Auctions

This is one of the biggest auction months I've ever seen. With tax day just passing the big auction houses are betting that collectors will have enough money left in their pockets to bid big. Mastro is the third large house to be open for business this month.

Below is a rarely seen Schaefer Beer stand-up advertising sign featuring a Brooklyn fan hoping for a big year. I think it helps that she has a beer in one hand, just in case the bums of yesteryear disappoint her. Nevertheless, she maintains a happy smile and a hopeful gaze. (Please note: Although real copies are rarely seen numerous fakes exist in the marketplace, especially on eBay. Be weary if you see one on eBay.) Mastro Auction Link: Schaefer Beer Sign:

The below item is something I know I will regret showing. It is a unused ticket to one of the games most memorable moments, or the games most despised moments. This ticket is from the game when Bobby Thompson hit the "Shot Heard 'round the World." Argh! I can't stand the audio clip from that game. "The Pumpkins win the pennant! The pumpkins win the pennant." Mastro Auction Link: Thompson Ticket:


  1. Hmmm, are you single? I should hook you up with my sister.

    Wait, she just moved to Central Cal. I'll have to send her your link anywho.

  2. Wow.. I never thought I might get a date out of this blog.. maybe this is the start of a Dodger dating service


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