Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Auction Wins: Brooklyn Dodgers Youth Belt & Dodger Triple Play Photo

I just received some goodies in the mail. Below are pics of two items I recently won in the Hunt Auctions monthly Internet/Phone auction.
The belt above is something I've been searching for a long time. It is a circa 1950's children's Brooklyn Dodgers beaded belt. They rarely come up for sell and are usually in very poor condition. This belt is well worn with some rusting on the buckle and yellowing in the beaded area. Nevertheless, it's a great vintage item. Above is a press photograph featuring Brooklyn Dodgers Gene Hermanski, Jackie Robinson and Gil Hodges. It was taken after they completed a triple play on 4/26/1949. Note that this was the last triple play the Brooklyn Dodgers would ever complete.

From SABR:

4/26/1949 NL Brooklyn Dodgers vs NL Boston Braves Ebbets Field

Top 3 INNING Score 1 - 1 PLAY SEQUENCE: 7*-4*-3* Source: From NYT & TSN

2 Men On: First Eddie Stanky Second Johnny Sain Third

Alvin Dark (BSN) is the batter with a ?-? count. He hits a twisting fly to short left center. The LF (Gene Hermanski) raced in and snared the ball with a last desperate reach (OUT 1)

LF remaining upright from his extraordinary catch makes a quick lobbing throw to the 2B (Jackie Robinson) to double up the runner caught off second, Johnny Sain (OUT 2)

2B fires the ball to the 1B (Gil Hodges) well ahead of the runner from first, Eddie Stanky's return to first (OUT 3)

SABR Link: Triple Play:

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