Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baseball Draft Hits Big Time

Baseball is trying to hype up their draft. The only possible consequence are higher priced contracts and bonuses for unproven talent. When will the madness stop.
"Take note of the pomp and circumstance, the hype, the glitz, and the complete production that Major League Baseball will attempt to make of its annual first-year player draft when, in the grand tradition of the NFL, the event is nationally televised for the first time in its 43-year history."

"Pay attention to Tommy Lasorda, the legendary Dodgers manager who will attend the league-wide event in Orlando, Fla., and will be the face of the organization as it makes two of the first 39 selections."
MLB.com has more.
"Lasorda will again be at the microphone to announce the Dodgers' selection when MLB.com broadcasts every pick of the 2007 First-Year Player Draft, which takes place June 7-8 at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando. Day 1 coverage begins at 11 a.m. PT with a simulcast of ESPN2's broadcast of the first round and compensation picks. Video coverage of the remaining rounds on Day 1 will air at MLB.com, with live interviews and analysis from Orlando by Casey Stern, Jonathan Mayo and Perfect Game USA's Dave Rawnsley."
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