Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Sports Museum in LA

One of the southland's best secrets is about to become public. The Cypres Sports Museum consist of a
"treasure trove of baseball, football, golf, tennis and other sports memorabilia that (was) amassed during a two-decade collecting binge."
Gary Cypres has been a very active buyer. Check out the story and pics on the LA Times website.

Those that have had the opportunity to view the collection sing its praise.
Peter O'Malley ranks the Dodgers' section of the Cypres collection as "the best that I know of," and is ecstatic that the museum will be open to the public. "It's too good to only be seen by appointment. Schoolchildren, adults, collectors and baseball fans, not just from the U.S., but from Japan and all over the world should be able to see it."
I can't wait to see that section.
"His museum has such great breadth and depth," said Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. "It goes far beyond the Dodgers and baseball to almost every sport. It's an amazing little place."
Other items in the collection include a T206 Honus Wagner, a game used uniform of Babe Ruth from the 1934 Tour of Japan series, Heisman Trophies, game used Laker jerseys and sports themed board games from the 1800's.

So, when does this place open and how do I get there?

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  1. HI, Does the Museum have any collection dated from LA Olympics 84? Since Olympics is the largest gathering of sports. It would be interesing to see.


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