Friday, July 13, 2007

eBay: Worst Fake Ever

It's amazing the amount of fake memorabilia that ends up on eBay. It's even more amazing the number of obvious fake items that people try to peddle; like the reprint of a 1912 T207 Baseball card above.

See... not only does this card helpfully describe the name of the set (which wasn't established until decades after its actual production), but it lets you know how much the card is worth. Wow! Those cigarette makers back in the day sure had a lot of foresight.

On top of that you can buy it for a reasonable $900.00! What a bargain.

eBay Auction Link:


  1. I have one of these with a red box instead of a yellow one. Is that a fake as well? I also have a Honus Wagner one with the same background. If you could Please let me know at my email Thanks


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