Friday, September 07, 2007

I Want Pics!

All of the Dodger world is abuzz. The hazing ritual of dressing up your rookies in outrageous costumes during the season continues unabated. Even our own rising stars are not immune from the laughs and public ridicule that comes from being a Major League Ballplayer. Like the Sons of Steve Garvey, I eagerly await photos to share with all of the Dodger world.

Josh Rawitch of Inside the Dodgers shares a helpful list of players and their costumes.
Chad Billingsley as Robin Hood
James Loney dressed as Popeye
Chin-lung Hu dressed as a sorcerer
Tony Abreu dressed as Pocahantas
Delwyn Young as Snow White
Andy LaRoche in full clown attire
Russell Martin as Nacho Libre
Jonathan Broxton as a monk
Andre Ethier and Eric Hull in strange Vegas showgirl type outfits
and the kicker of them all was Matt Kemp, who was in some sort of "fat suit" with a bikini.
Pictures... I want pictures!!

UPDATE: The official Dodger blog missed some players. Have no fear though, Diamond Leung picks up the slack.
Jonathan Meloan - something Tarzan-like
Takashi Saito - Samurai
Eric Stults - pirate
UPDATE: Tony Jackson provides some funny quotes.
"I'm stepping on my dress," Dodgers outfielder Delwyn Young said, as he lifted the hem of his Cinderella costume off the clubhouse floor after the game.
Yes, it was time for that annual baseball tradition known as rookie hazing, and this time, because it wasn't done last season, even the second-year guys had to do it. A few had it easy, because they got nothing worse than Disney character outfits to wear on the team charter to San Francisco. Others had it worse. Matt Kemp was given a fat suit resembling the torso of a large woman in a bra and panties and a few other details not fit for a family newspaper.
"It doesn't bother me," Kemp shouted to everyone in the room. "It's San Francisco. I'm going to fit right in."
Now all I want are pictures.


  1. Any luck yet, Ernest? I think we'd have better luck finding photographic evidence of Area 51.

  2. I'm still looking. Pics have to show up sooner or later.


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