Saturday, November 17, 2007

USA vs. Cuba

This is the game I was hoping for. It's a battle between the team that represent the country that invented the game versus a team who has won the nine past World Cups. USA vs. Cuba is a Baseball matchup that never gets old.

Cuba has always been a Baseball breeding ground. They have produced stars such as Orestes Minnie Minoso, Jose Mendez, Martin Dihigo, Tony Perez, Louis Tiant and Cristobal Torrienti. They have won 25 of 37 World Cups, including the last nine. It's like they're the Yankees of international play. A force to be reckoned with no doubt.

Team USA, on the otherhand, has only won 2 World Cups. Of course, they have never fielded an All-Star caliber team, instead focusing on youngsters. Nevertheless, today's team consist of some of America's best and brightest Major League prospects. These are kids are hungry and full of promise.

The gold medal game starts at 12:30AM PST or 3:30 AM EST. That's tonight in about 2 hours. If your still up check out the game live a this link.

Current Team USA stats:

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