Thursday, March 27, 2008

Collection: 1963 Dodgers Pin-Ups

The 1963 Dodger Pin-Ups is one of the more unusual Dodger collectibles out there, and they happen to be my favorite of all oddball Dodger sets. They were sold at Dodger stadium during the 1963 season and feature 10 Dodger players. The cards measure about 8x10 and have a photo of the players large head sitting atop a cartoon body. The object was to cut out the players (they are perforated), take a piece of string and attach to the head, and hang them on the ceiling. It's like a grown-up version of a baby crib hanging mobile. All you need is a spinning device and the immortal words of Kirk Gibson screaming. "How sweet is it! The Fruits of Victory!"
Of the 10 different players my favorite is the Maury Will. Yes, he could fly. Check out the remaining 8 cards from the set by clicking my photoalbum link below.
Photoalbum: 1963 Dodger Pin-Ups Pics:

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