Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring in Arizona

Today was a historic moment. The Dodgers played their first cactus league game in Arizona and ended up routing the White Sox 8 to 2. Good Times.

Furcal hit a monstrous homer to left in the third inning while Penny pitched an effective 6 innings. The Dodgers put the game away in the seventh inning when they scored 5 runs on the back of Kemp's three run homerun. Unfortunately, Saito and Broxton looked a bit shaky in their one inning stints, but, for know, I'm not worried. The sun was shinning and the realization that the Dodgers will be just a 5 hour drive away next Spring made me smile a bit. Sure, I'm gonna miss the charm of Dodgertown, but imagine the upside. The Dodgers are closer to home. My hope is that Dodgertown of the West maintains the charm and closeness experienced in Vero Beach.

Check out my photoalbum featring photos from this Spring.
Above is the first pitch of the game, and the first Dodger pitch in Arizona.
Brad Penny pitching in the first inning.
Saito in his windup.
An added bonus to this short Spring trip is that I had a chance to see my first Kings game outside of Southern California tonight. The Phoenix Coyotes have owned the Kings all year, having gone unbeaten in this seasons previous 6 games. As luck would have it, the Kings scrapped a 6 to 5 win in overtime. How about that. Three LA teams win on the same day- the Dodgers, Kings and Lakers.
I'd like to send a special shout out to my Alma Mater. Congratulations to the CSU Fullerton Titans on winning the Big West and on their opportunity to play in the big show against Wisconsin. Unfortunately, their Cinderella bid ended before it could really start, but, as we Dodger fans know, championship teams aren't built overnight. It must be nurtured and built from the ground up and it seems the Titans are working on doing that. Maybe someday soon Fullerton will be known for more than their Baseball program.

Check out some more pics from the hockey game in my photoalbum.

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