Saturday, June 07, 2008

Card of the Week: Bob Ojeda and Tommy Lasorda

Bobby Ojeda was a starter for the Dodgers for two years, from 1991-1992. He pitched in 60 games and recorded a career Dodger record of 18-18 with 4 complete games and 2 shutouts. He was a back of the rotation starter who provided a no thrills effort. He was effective while not spectacular. He had an ERA of 3.18 and 3.63 while with the Dodgers in 1991 and 1992, respectively. The above card was made by Upper Deck in 1992 and features Bobby Ojeda receiving a personalized pitching lesson from Tommy Lasorda. Bobby has a funny look on his face as Tommy works with his grip. Maybe Tommy made some wisecrack comment that cannot be printed in most newspapers. Nevertheless, Lasorda looks like he's screaming and Bobby can hardly keep from laughing.


  1. heeyyyy I have this card! I think i even have two or three of them

  2. ernest, this is quite a find. I just uncovered this gem of an upper deck card myself. I immediately thought how ridiculous Bob Ojeda must have felt with a little fat man reaching over his shoulder.


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