Sunday, October 05, 2008

Blog Kiosk 10/5/2008

No sweat! Bring on the Phillies!!!!

  • Topps is introducing some very limited 1 of 1 artist sketch cards in their 2008 Updates & Highlights Baseball packs; including a very cool card of Manny Ramirez. Check it out below. (Hat Tip: Sports Collectors Daily)
  • Wow. Kimbo Slice of the MMA lost yesterday. Go here for the video.
  • Topps continues its foray into gimmick cards. Check out their latest politically themed insert card featuring Sarah Palin as a beauty queen. (Hat Tip: Cardboard Connection) Upper Deck decides follow suit with their own Palin card below. Joe Biden's Upper Deck card is scary looking! (Hat Tip: Sports Collectors Daily)
  • I've just discovered a great collectors website that focuses on Baseball gloves. It is called the Baseball Glove Collector and features hundreds, if not thousands, of various vintage examples; including some 19th century mitts. Memorabilia of this sort makes for a great display. In fact, check out the "displays" section to see how other collectors have set up their own personal museums.
  • Back on Topps, Episode 1.

  • Back on Topps, Episode 2 with special guest Russell Martin and Andre Ethier.

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