Saturday, November 08, 2008


Lelands is one of the larger sports collectibles auction houses. So, you should expect to see some phenomenal items.

Below is a very famous photo of the 1889 A.G. Spalding Baseball World Tour at the Sphinx in Egypt. Baseball pioneer A.G. Spalding took a group of Baseball players from the day on a tour of the world in hopes of spreading America's great passion. Unfortunately, the game didn't really take off across the Atlantic. Read a little bit about it here in a excerpt from Mark Lamster's book "Spaldings World Tour."

What I love about this photo is how it seems like anybody can just climb up on that archaeological masterpiece. Imagine trying to do that today? You would probably be run out of the country or placed in some dark dingy jail never again to see the light of day.

Here is a great vintage team issued Brooklyn Dodger ring.
Auction Link: Brooklyn Dodgers Team Ring:

Below is a George Bain photograph of former Dodger owner Charles Ebbets.

I love those hats folks use to wear back then. Isn't his belt riding a little bit too high?

Here is Jackie Robinson vintage item I would bidding on if it wasn't so damn rare and expensive.

For years I searched for this little brass statue to add to my collection. I went to shows and searched the Internet the world over. eBay, usually a great repository of things like this, was a strike out. Over the last decade I have only seen it once before. It was in terrible shape, but sold for several hundred dollars.

This item up for auction is truly rare. It is in mint condition, was produced in 1950 and includes the original box it came in. Wow! I expect this to sell for at least a couple thousand dollars.

Below is a game used Babe Ruth uniform. Now, I know your saying, "Wow! What a great vintage item"

Well, it's not exactly what you think. This uniform was not put on by the Hall of Famer, but was worn by the man who played the Hall of Famer. This is the uniform John Goodman wore during the filming of "The Babe."


  1. That's a great picture of the Spalding team. What auctions did you win?! :)

  2. Well, the auction has yet to close so I won't divulge what items I'm bidding on yet. On the other hand, I don't expect that I'll win anything though. I've slowed down quite a bit over the past year- with the economy cutting into my disposable income.


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