Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Old Judge: Ruth and the 1915 Brooklyn Dodgers

Old Judge always has some of the more unique Baseball related collectibles around. I absolutely suggest checking out their auction for a look at a little bit of Baseball history.

One item that immediately caught my eye is the below real photo postcard featuring a very young Boston pitcher named Babe Ruth. He sits second on the right on the bench with Harry Hooper, Olaf Henrickson and Everett Scott.

Here is a elongated postcard featuring 6 Brooklyn Dodger pitchers taken during Spring Training in 1915. This one-of-a-kind item includes Wheezer Dell, Leon Cadore, Ed Appleton, Goodrell, Chubeks and Sherry Smith. Of special note, this photo was featured in the April 1988 issue of one of the hobby's great old newsletters- The Old Judge.

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