Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Questions From Dinged Corners

I guess Dinged Corners recent post asking some New Years Questions for hobbyist has turned into a unofficial Blog Bat Around. Below are my answers.

Round I
1. If I didn't collect Baseball cards, I'd collect _________.
  • My first inclination was to say memorabilia or autographs, but those items are really in the same class as Baseball cards. So, my answer would probably have to be coins or, maybe, toys. I'm a collecting pack rat at heart.
2. My baseball heroes include one you probably wouldn't know from my blog or comments, and that person is __________.
  • Robin Yount. He ranks as one of my all-time favorite players. In fact, as a kid I had my collection of Dodger stuff, but Yount was the only individual player I collected. It all started in little league as the Brewers became the first team I played for. As a result, I naturally wanted to find out everything about the Milwaukee Brewers, and back in the early to mid 80's they were a colorful bunch. The team was filled with characters like Cecil Cooper, Ben Oglivie, Moose Haas, Gorman Thomas and future Hall of Famer Paul Molitor. The leader of this motley crew was Robin Yount. He was a scrappy blue-collar type of player with big hair and a mustache. He exuded hard work and leadership- all qualities I gravitated towards.
3. Every New Years I resolve to ____________ my collection.
  • Every year I tell myself that I will organize and then sell/trade off things I no longer want. Somehow, I never find the time.
4. If I could spend a day with one person from baseball history, it would be ________.
  • If I had my choice to spend some time with one person from Baseball history it would be Branch Rickey. He was the former Dodger GM who signed Jackie Robinson that ushered in a new beginning for Baseball. Mr. Rickey bucked society by doing what he knew was right. On top of that, his past experiences show this consistent view towards his fellow men. Check out this previous post to see what I mean. An iconoclast like that is a man I can learn a lot from.
Round II
1. What is your favorite kind of dog?
  • My favorite dog is a Shepard/ Chow mix. In fact, her name is Miko and she has been with me for over 10 years now.

2. Who is your favorite baseball player?

  • In terms of a current ballplayer I would have to say Andre Ethier.

3. What is your favorite team?

  • This answer took no thought at all- The Dodgers!

4. What is your favorite baseball movie?

  • Bull Durham.

5. What is your favorite baseball book?

  • The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn.

6. What is your favorite card?

  • My favorite card is my reprinted 1950 Toleteros Cuban card of Negro League star and Hall of Famer Josh Gibson. Why, you ask? Well, one of these days I will have a real one in my collection.


  1. Good call on Bull Durham......the best baseball movie ever made. Can't go wrong with Boys of Summer; it would be on my top ten baseball books. My favorites are The Glory of Their Times and any of Roger Angell's books, especially Five Seasons and The Summer Game.

  2. The best thing about Bull Durham is how accurate it is. Remember when Tim Robbins wore the garters to take his mind off of thinking too much while pitching. Well, apparently, this is actually done. Jason Giambi recently admitted that he does the same thing when he is in a slump.


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