Monday, December 22, 2008

Red Barber Calling Vander Meer's 2nd No Hitter

Sometimes it's worth the wait.

The York Times has a rare recording featuring Hall of Fame broadcaster Red Barber calling the last half inning of Cincinnati Reds hurler Johnny Vander Meer's 2nd consecutive no hitter 41 years after the fact. Check out the story and listen to his call here.
...Barber came to the annual meeting of the Florida Association of Broadcasters. They presented him with their Gold Medal. He recalled a prayer about the “changes and chances of time,” then offered his listeners the gift of time passed.

“Something no one has,” he said. He later added, “It’s going to be yours.”
Now it belongs to all of us. Enjoy.
“It was so extemporaneous that everyone was in awe,” said Hartman, a former sportscaster who was then general manager of a radio station in West Palm Beach. “He had it in his mind because he didn’t read it off any script. It came out of his memory.”

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