Saturday, January 24, 2009

Videos: Manny, the Babe and the 1966 Pennant Race

Below is a video of Manny's first day at Dodger Stadium. I had not seen this before so it was nice to be reminded about his great season last year with the Blue Crew.

YouTube Link: preciosadesiree:

Here is a great video featuring Babe Ruth in "Fancy Curves."

YouTubeVideo: DashHopes1:
Hat Tip: Walk Off Walk:

Here are a series of great lost interviews with the 1966 Dodgers as they race towards a pennant.

YouTube Video:Footage World:


  1. That was amazing...thanks...

    Also, did you notice? It seems like Russ Martin is the one to pick out (oot) the 99 jersey. Great analogy to the Great One. Changed the fortune of another LA franchise. Come on home to the jersey gammy got you when you were only eight.

    "Todo el mundo esta contento"

  2. marvelous clip of the 1966 Dodgers, the team of my youth as an 11 year old. rgds, will


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