Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Boras Speaks About Manny

I don't like this guy one bit.

Video Link: ESPN:
Hat Tip: underdog from Dodger Thoughts:


  1. Sick of Manny yet?

    Check out Joe Torre's anagram-

  2. Manny is in the bag! I know it is really scary to see Abreu and Dunn off the board and signed. But one has to believe that the fact that both of them signed on the same day, after not garnering much interest all off season, is a direct sign that the Dodger do in fact have something done with Manny.
    I called it right away, when I saw the Dunn deal announced. The Dodgers just have not yet announced anything. I went through all the same emotions anger, resentment, confusion, then understanding.
    The Dodgers would have to be really stupid to allow both Dunn and Abreu to sign if they did not already have Manny in the bag. OR Boras orchestrated one of the THE most brilliant strokes of genius ever which would include collusion with other player agents and teams and perfect timing at that.
    We all know that Abreu and Dunn were waiting for the Dodgers!


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