Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally, A Counter

After 4 offers from the Dodgers, Boras finally decides to make a counteroffer to the Dodgers. It took long enough didn't it.
Scott Boras made a counter offer using the same basic language and numbers of the club's two-year, $45MM offer, but without the deferred payments. Boras told the Dodgers that they have until noon to strike a deal.
I don't blame McCourt and company for the last offer with deferred payments. After all, the framework of a $45MM deal over two years is the most important ingredient. The deferred payments is just a ploy to finally get Boras to make a commitment because, at this point so far, Manny and Boras have refused to negotiate in good faith.

When one side refuses to formally counter several other offers (especially good offers) how can the offeror be expected to continue to bid against themselves? This entire process is a negotiation that requires that both sides work together to hammer out a deal. One side, the Dodgers, in my mind, has gone above and beyond in their duties in this negotiation. They have made 4 offers! It is incumbent on the offeree to come back with a counter. Apparently, Boras finally has. And now, we have the makings of a potential deal. (It took longer than desired to get Boras off his perch) Nevertheless, it is now time to get it done.

Update: I wanted to add that you shouldn't expect a done deal until this weekend at the earliest- probably early next week. Boras's deadline for noon today is irrelevant.

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