Thursday, April 16, 2009

Japanese Rarities

Below are a couple of unusual and rare Baseball collectibles from Japan. As you know, Baseball has a long history on the island and for nearly 100 years American ballplayers visited, played and were very popular among its fans.

Here are 4 photos from Prestige Collectibles featuring Ty Cobb when he visited in November 1928 to play with the Daimai Baseball team. Bob Shawkey, Herb Hunter and American umpire Ernie Quigley also came along for the fun. What's great about this lot is the group photo with Cobb on the top left. He is actually smiling. That in itself is a rarity.

Get a look at Lou Gehrig warming up with a little bit of boxing. This large advertising poster was originally displayed within glass cases along busy streets and train stations.

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