Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog Bat Around: Why Do I Do What I Do?

Here we go again. It is time for the 6th Blog Bat Around. As some of you may know this is an opportunity for bloggers who write about sports collectibles and cards to share a little bit about themselves. This time Gellman at Sportscards Uncensored gets it started. He ask a very simple question. Why do I blog and why collectibles?

Once upon a time I was trudging along in the internet wilderness when I came across these websites folks were calling blogs. They were diary-like ramblings for all to see. Subject matters was varied- from politics to food to sports. I suddenly found myself hooked and addicted to many once unknown writers and their thoughts.

Then I discovered blogger and realized that making my own blog was easier than making an apple pie, so, I jumped head first into that brave new world. Initially I was unsure about what I would write about. Then, the answer became obvious. My very first post in April 2006 tells the story.
OK.. so i'm sitting here at the office think'n... ya know, I should make a blog... but about what? I ask myself... Well... I love the Dodgers ... and Baseball... and i'm a fanatical collector of everything Dodgers.. so... why not mix the two... I should express my insane thoughts about the Dodgers and their chances for greatness this year with my passion for buying anything Dodgers... am I sick or twisted or what?????
And that is it. I was bored with probably far too much free time. I had all of this excess energy that always seemed to focus on my childhood passion for the Dodgers and collecting. So, blogging about those two things was only natural.

Gellman also ask what is our favorite post. Well, there are 2 different post that I really enjoyed writing. One had to do with my love and respect for voting and another is a fantasy driven post featuring a crush I've had since puberty and one of the most incredible evenings of my life at Dodger Stadium. Check them out here and here.

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