Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Box Break: Enjoying Some 2009 Heritage

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I've done it again. Can anybody stop me from myself.

I was at Target over the weekend and I had to check out the card aisle. Sitting there was a blaster box of 2009 Topps Heritage that had my name all over it. In fact, as you read below, my name was actually in it.

Anyway, I pulled some great cards including the above 3 Dodgers- Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and a (I think) chrome card of Russell Martin. In addition, I pulled an autographed card of Curt Raydon. He played just one season in the majors in 1958. The card is numbered to 60 copies. I just found an eBay auction for this card that sold for $30.00 this morning. That value is a bit unexpected.
Below is an example of the back of the cards. This is very similar to the style seen in the vintage 1960 set. It even includes a little cartoon.
The card below had me laughing and I'll tell you why. This guy has my name. Well, not exactly my name, but it's pretty damn close.

As a toddler my folks made friends with other young families in an apartment complex in Redondo Beach. This was in the early to mid 70's. These young parents needed to find a way to amuse themselves so they decided to give all the kids nicknames- funny nicknames. So, a friend of mine was given the name of Jong Jong, another young toddler was called Lea (as in Princess Lea), and I was called Jo Jo. Yes, my childhood moniker is Jo Jo Reyes.

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