Monday, May 11, 2009

Card of the Week: Jeffrey M. Mihalik

In my haste this morning I just plain forgot to bring this weeks "Card of the Week" to work this morning to scan. So, I've decided to go online to find the winner.

I was immediately drawn to a obscure set called 1971 Topps Winners.

What is this set, you say?

Well, in 1971 Topps ran a promotional contest for kids. The prize was your very own baseball card made and inserted into packs to be given to family and friends. 25 Grand Prizes were to be awarded, but only 14 cards are known to exist. Jeffrey H. Mihalik was one of the winners and is my favorite card of the set. How can you not love a kid in his little league uniform reaching towards his back as if he is experiencing pain. Hilarious! I have a feeling that this is some sort of inside joke between Jeff and his family.

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