Friday, May 22, 2009

Freeway Series Starts Tonight

Not much to say other than "Let's Go Blue!"


  1. I went to my first Freeway series game tonight. And got stuck next to the most OBNOXIOUS ANNOYING angel fan ever! I wanted to slap her upside the end and throw her out of the stadium! I wanted the Dodgers to cream the Angels into oblivion just to rub it in her face. I think she got annoyed by me around the 7th inning. Good. I had to put up with her for 7 innings. Go back to Angel Stadium, lady in section 49, row AA from Saturday night's game! You know who you are!

  2. Falling Leaves - I had the same problem with a Mets fan on Wednesday. Dodger Stadium used to be a great place to go. Now, I can't stay there without having a drink or two. On Wednesday, my wife and I only stayed for three innings.


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