Sunday, June 21, 2009

The All Ernie Team

I happen to come across a blog post by Billy Suter of West Virginia Cards. In a post in March he went about the task of putting together a all-Billy team. Which got me thinking that I should do the same. So, without further ado, here is the all-Ernie team.

C- Ernie Lombardi (HOF) - You can't go wrong with the "Schnozz" behind the plate
1st- Justin Ernest Morneau - Yhea, this is cheating, but there are only so many Ernie's out there - We're a rare breed
2nd- Luis Ernesto (Montiel) Aparicio -(HOF) Luis Apricio - Even though he was a SS I figure he can easily make the transition to 2nd base
3rd- Ernest Judson Wilson - (HOF) Negro League star Jud Wilson - Career average of .351
SS- Ernie Banks (HOF)
OF- Charles Ernest Keller - Hit 33 HR's in 1941, 31 HR's in 1943, and 30 HR's in 1946 for the Yankees - 5 Time All-Star
OF- Carlton Ernest Fisk- (HOF) Known as a catcher, but also played some outfield
OF- Ernest Ralph Orsatti - .306 lifetime BA

C- Ernie Whitt - 1 All-Star appearance and Blue Jay great
IF- Leo Ernest Durocher - (HOF) "The Lip" - Not a bad player in his day, but would probably make a better manager for the team
IF- Ernest Lee Spivey Jr. otherwise known as Junior Spivey
IF- Luis Ernesto (Garcia) Salazar - Every team needs a utility man and Luis could play anywhere
OF- Ernie Chief Koy - Played for Brooklyn from 1938 to 1940 - Lifetime .279 BA
OF- Ernest Gordon Phelps - "Babe Phelps" - Only played the outfield once, but with his lifetime .310 BA and 3 All Star appearances I can't keep him off the team

SP- Ernest Edward Bonham - Won 21 games for the 1942 Yankees
SP- Ernest Gilbert Broglio - A league leading 21 wins in 1960 for the St. Louis Browns - 3rd in Cy Young Voting that year
SP- Ernie White - 17 wins for the Cardinals in 1941 and 6th in MVP voting that same year
SP- George Ernest Uhle - Won 26 games in 1923 and 27 games in 1926 for the Indians
SP- Fredrick Ernest Goldsmith - Won 98 games for the Cubs from 1880 to 1883
RP- Bruce Ernest Howard - 3.18 lifetime ERA
RP- Ernie Johnson - 148 ERA+ for the 1953 Milwaukee Braves
RP- Daniel Ernest Schatzeder - 3.74 lifetime ERA
RP- Raymond Ernest Herbert - Was an All Star and won 20 games for the White Sox in 1962
CL- Ernie Camacho - 23 Saves for the 1984 Indians

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