Friday, June 19, 2009

Oddball Non-Sport Gold: The Twilight Zone

So it's late in the evening and I've stopped switching channels on the TV. The Twilight Zone is on and I figure there can't be anything more entertaining to watch at this hour of the night. Suddenly, I daze off and dream of aliens and creatures only Rod Serling could thing of. I'm forced to face my own demons and made to wonder about the possibilities. As I awake I marvel at how relevant these 1960's television reruns are to today.

Anyway, why do I bring up this show from yesteryear? Well, recently concluded their inaugural auction and they had the fortune of selling a remarkable set that features The Twilight Zone.

Rittenhouse Archives, producers of non-sport card sets, from 1999 to 2005 produced various sets of The Twilight Zone. In those wax boxes they inserted limited edition autographed cards that featured just about every living cast member of the show. There are 98 total cards and, considering the numbered set was spread over a 6 year period, is very difficult to complete. In fact, notes that a complete set has never been offered in any auction. Check out some of the cards below. It sold for an incredible $11,700.00. That's over $100 per card.
Come on now. How can you beat an autographed card set that includes both Ron Howard and William Shatner?
Burt Reynolds, Anne Francis and Russell Johnson. Man-O-Live, I remember all of these episodes. George Takei, Jonathon Winters, Don Rickles and Jack Klugman- Oh Wow!
You have got to be kidding me- another Shatner.
Auction Link: 1999-2005 Twilight Zone Auto Set:

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